Yazaki - Water Fired Single-Effect Chillers and Chiller-Heaters

Typical Piping

Cooling Water Crossover Piping

The condenser and absorber of chiller/chiller-heater models WFC-SC20/SH20 and WFC-SC30/SH30 are connected in parallel by cooling water crossover piping installed at the jobsite. If this piping is fabricated at the jobsite by others it must be designed in accordance with the following recommendations to ensure balanced flow through the condenser and absorber:

  1. Branch piping is 2 in. (WFC-SC20/SH20) or 2-1/2 in. (WFC-SC30/SH30).

  2. Common inlet and outlet piping is 3 in.


  1. All pipe (or tube) sizing is nominal.

  2. Install a manual balancing valve in the branch cooling water circuits to the condenser and absorber if flow is unbalanced due to changes in the piping configuration or pipe sizes.