Yazaki - Water Fired Single-Effect Chillers and Chiller-Heaters


    • Absorption cycle energized by hot water at 158°F to 203°F from process, cogeneration, solar or other waste heat sources.
    • Safe, odorless, non-toxic working fluids of lithium bromide and water operate under a vacuum at all times.
    • Supplied as a chiller only or a chiller-heater for applications that require separation of heating water and heat medium circuits due to glycol, operating pressure, flow or piping limitations.
    • Crystallization prevented in the generator by utilizing a solution pump and gravity drain-back system.
    • Single hermetic pump controls solution flow.
    • Faster cold start-up time than similar chillers with flooded generators.
    • Chilled water and hot water outlet temperatures controlled by a built-in microprocessor with outputs to control a 3-way valve and/or heat medium pump (supplied by others).
    • All chillers and chiller-heaters supplied with a standard weatherproof cabinet suitable for outdoor installation.
    • Built-in shutdown controls for high heat medium temperature and abnormal cooling water conditions.
    • Cooling capacities increased at 85°F cooling water and when energized by 203°F heat medium.
    • Ideal for a two pipe hydronic system in which chilled or hot water is circulated to a central airhandling unit or multiple fan-coil units.
    • Cooling or heating operation on chiller-heaters can be selected from a remote or built-in switch.
    • Only 30 minute delay required for operation changeover.
    • Transportation and lifting are simplified because of modular construction.
    • Factory charged and performance tested.
    • UL Listed for USA and Canada.