The total shipments of Yazaki absorption chiller-heaters exceed 1,000,000 RT worldwide.  Now, a new generation of absorption chiller-heaters have been developed with energy saving features and lower maintenance requirements to lower the life cycle costs.  “Smart” controls identify abnormal operating conditions before a failure occurs and safely shut down the chiller-heater.  Our product line contains three components:  gas fired chiller-heaters, water fired chillers, and the Arotrend™ Remote Monitoring System.


Gas fired double-effect chiller-heaters, with cooling capacities of 30RT to 200RT, are designed for commercial applications where chilled water and hot water are used in a central air conditioning system. 

CH-K Series Gas Fired Chiller-Heater  more details

CH-MG Series Gas Fired Chiller-Heater  more details


Water fired chillers are energized by hot water at 158°F to 203°F to provide chilled water for air conditioning systems or industrial cooling applications.  more details



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